Can guppies see in the dark?

Have you ever wondered, “Can guppies see in the dark?” This question interests many guppy owners and fish enthusiasts alike. In order to find an answer, we are going to investigate sleeping habits, vision capabilities as well as general nocturnal behavior patterns of these popular fresh water fish.

No, guppies do not have the ability to see in dark. They have good eyesight during daylight hours but it becomes less accurate in low light or darkness. At night, Guppies rely on their sense of smell and lateral line to find food and avoid predators. Light is also necessary for them to keep awake during the day while they need some light as well as can sleep peacefully in darkness for six to eight hours with no eyelids

Understanding Guppy Fish

Starting with a brief mention of Guppy fish’s general characteristics on night vision, let us first delve into the details. For most aquarium keepers, Guppies are the best freshwater fish as they are hardy and have bright colors. In terms of robustness and ease of maintenance, they are often available in pet stores and may be a good option for those who have just begun to develop a passion for keeping tanks.

Guppy Fish Characteristics

Guppy fish are very interesting because they look cute and act lively; besides, their coloration is fantastic. Their ability to remain unharmed under different conditions as well as having straightforward procedures that should be followed when caring for them has made them preferred by amateurs and professionals alike.

However, guppies not having eyelids has raised questions about their sleeping behaviors and nocturnal vision. With her eyes always open some fishkeepers ponder if these creatures can see even in the darkness at all.

Can Guppy Fish See in the Dark?

No, guppies cannot see completely at night. They require lighting systems for seeing. Guppies have very good eyesight during the day but it becomes fairly poor, especially in dim light or darkness.

Guppies do possess a remarkable ability to sense movement in the dark, thanks to their lateral line – a sensory organ that runs along their body. This line allows them to detect changes in water pressure, helping them navigate even in pitch darkness.

However, it’s important to note that while they can sense movement and swim towards a light source, they may not accurately identify objects, possibly leading to collisions or disorientation.

can guppy see in darkness
Guppy in darkness

Can Guppy Fish Sleep in darkness?

Yes, guppies do sleep but this is different from the normal conception of sleep in human beings. Their eyes never close as they have no eyelids even when they are at rest. For sleep, these fish appreciate darkness and usually spend between six to eight hours resting during the night.

Contrary to many animals, guppy fish do not lose consciousness or become inactive during their rest periods. This level of consciousness allows them to reduce activity levels and slow down swimming speeds but still be responsive to changes in the environment.

How can Guppy Fish Swim in Darkness?

Guppy fish use their lateral line, a sensory organ that detects water motion around it, to swim in darkness. This line which runs along its side helps it detect vibrations and changes in water pressure hence enabling one on how position himself and move through an area despite dim light conditions.

This advantage though useful might also mean that whilst swimming at nighttime guppies may not notice hurdle ahead.

Effect of Darkness on the Lives of Guppy Fish

Guppies can survive without any light but extended periods of darkness are not good for them. They need some light so that they can find food easily. If there is constant darkness, guppies may end up eating less food as compared to other times; thus they may starve slowly too.

The behavior of guppy fish in dark

Those guppies would act differently depending on the situation and environment when it is dark. They may not eat as much as they would during the day since there is no sight. For this finding of their food, these fish need light; otherwise, they might not eat as much and starve slowly.

The dark and Guppy Fish

The reactions of Guppies do not always consider the natural environmental adaptations which are dependent on darkness. It does not also imply or give you a license to keep them in the dark.

Guppy Fish and Aquarium Lights

Aquarium lights are absolutely necessary for guppy fish tanks because without them, your guppies will die after about one week. A low-light setting is needed for these animals since they are highly light sensitive. If you have an aquarium without any lighting facilities then your fish will most likely die in a few days time.

Lights can help show off your fish and their colors, and they can also help algae grow. If you have live plants in your tank, lights can help them photosynthesize.

How Guppies Interact with The World beyond Their Tanks

Guppy fish can see outside the tank, but they may not have the same level of vision as that found inside the tank because of their poor eyesight which confines them within a few inches.

Direct Sunlight and Guppy Fish

Direct sunlight is dangerous for guppy fish. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can harm their eyes and skin. Although indirect sunlight does not affect guppy fish, too much sunshine will be detrimental to them.

Can Guppy Fish Eat in the Dark?

One question often asked by guppy owners is whether their guppy fish can eat while it is dark. Shockingly, this is true since Guppies can eat while its night only that they may take lesser food compared to during day time.

Guppies and Humans’ Interaction

Govies can recognize you; those tiny fishes are very nosy so if you stay close to your bowl or aquarium, look for it swimming up to check out what you are up to through the glass besides being able to see around the room.


In conclusion, while guppy fish can survive in the dark, their vision is significantly impaired. Therefore, it’s important to regulate the light in their environment to ensure their health and well-being. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them. Thanks for reading, and happy fish keeping!

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