Can Guppy Live With Betta In Same Tank?(2024)

Many pеoplе who havе fish tanks wondеr if thеy can kееp diffеrеnt typеs of fish togеthеr. A common quеstion is whеthеr guppiеs, which arе small and colorful fish can sharе a tank with bеttas known for thеir bright colors and flowing fins.

It’s important to know if thеsе fish can livе togеthеr happily and safеly. In this articlе, wе will еxplorе whеthеr guppiеs and bеttas can bе tank matеs and what nееds to bе considеrеd to makе surе thеy both stay hеalthy and strеss frее in thе samе tank.

Yеs, guppiеs can livе with bеttas in thе samе tank but it rеquirеs carеful managеmеnt. Bеttas can bе aggrеssivе еspеcially towards brightly colorеd or flashy fish likе malе guppiеs. To minimizе risk providе a spacious tank with plеnty of hiding spots and considеr kееping a malе bеtta with fеmalе guppiеs instеad.

Can Guppy Livе With Bеtta In Thе Samе Tank?

Guppies and bettas can sometimes share a tank but it requires careful consideration due to the territorial nature of bettas, especially males. Guppies are peaceful and active, which can trigger aggressive behavior in bettas who view their lively swimming as a threat or invasion of space. To increase the chances of harmony in the tank, opt for a larger aquarium that provides ample room for each fish to establish its territory.

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Additionally, the tank should be well-planted with plenty of hiding spots to offer refuge for guppies if the betta becomes aggressive. Regular monitoring of their interaction is essential. If the betta exhibits persistent aggressive behavior towards the guppies, it’s safer to house them separately to avoid stress and injury to the guppies.

Can guppies live with female bettas?

Yes, guppies can live with female bettas but you need to be careful. Make sure the tank is big and has many places for the fish to hide. Watch them closely to make sure they don’t fight. If they do, you might need to separate them.


Things to Consider

  1. Tank Size: A bigger tank is better if you want these fish to live together. It gives them more space to stay out of each other’s way.
  2. Plants and Hiding Spots: Having lots of plants and places to hide can help keep peace in the tank. Fish can have their own little areas to stay comfortable.
  3. Watch Their Behavior: Keep an eye on how they act with each other. If you see chasing or fighting, they might need to be separated.

What Betta Fish Breed is Best for Keeping with Guppies?

When considering which betta fish breed might be best for keeping with guppies, it’s important to focus not so much on the breed but on the temperament and the specific traits of individual bettas. Generally, female bettas are a better choice than males when it comes to community tanks, including those with guppies. Female bettas tend to be less aggressive than males and are more likely to tolerate the presence of other fish without becoming stressed or aggressive.

Here are a few tips if you’re planning to keep bettas especially females with guppies:

  1. Choose Calm Betta Individuals: Regardless of being male or female, some bettas have a milder temperament. Observe the betta’s behavior before purchasing to ensure it doesn’t show excessive aggression.
  2. Tank Setup: Ensure the tank is spacious (at least 10 gallons) and well-planted to provide plenty of hiding spots and visual barriers. This setup helps reduce stress and territorial behavior.
  3. Monitor Closely: After introducing them to the same tank, watch the fish’s behavior closely for a few days to ensure there are no signs of aggression or stress.
  4. Maintain Water Quality: Good water quality is crucial for reducing stress and keeping both bettas and guppies healthy.

Choosing female bettas and creating a conducive environment with plenty of space and hiding spots can generally lead to a more harmonious tank. However, always be prepared to separate the fish if any aggressive behavior occurs.


What are the Benefits of Choosing Female Bettas?

Choosing female bettas for your fish tank is a good idea because they are usually calmer than male bettas. Female bettas are not as aggressive, which means they are safer to keep with other small fish like guppies. They are also smaller, so they don’t scare or harm the other fish as much.

Even though they are not as flashy as males, female bettas still look pretty and add color to the tank. Plus, if you have a big enough tank with lots of hiding spots, you can keep a few female bettas together, which you cannot do with male bettas. This makes them great for tanks with different types of fish.

Will a Betta Fish Kill a Guppy?

Yes, a betta fish might kill a guppy. Betta fish are known to be territorial and may become aggressive towards guppies, especially if they feel threatened by their bright colors and flowing tails. To keep both types of fish safely, it’s important to have a large tank with lots of hiding places for guppies and to watch their behavior closely.

Risk of Aggression

Because bettas can be territorial, there is a risk that they might attack guppies. Male bettas are especially likely to see the bright colors and flowing tails of male guppies as a challenge. This could lead to the betta fighting with or even killing the guppy.

Safe Tank Setup

To keep both fish safely, you need a large tank with plenty of hiding places. This gives the guppy places to hide if the betta becomes aggressive. It’s also a good idea to choose less colorful guppies and monitor the fish to see how they behave together.

How to Keep Guppies and Bettas Healthy and Stress-Free in the Same Tank?

Choose a Big Tank

The first thing to think about is the size of the tank. A bigger tank is better because it gives more space for both guppies and bettas. This helps them stay out of each other’s way and reduces stress.

Add Plants and Hiding Spots

It’s important to have lots of plants and decorations in the tank. These provide hiding spots for the guppies if the bettas start to chase them. Hiding places help guppies feel safe and keep the tank peaceful.

Watch Their Behavior

Keep a close eye on how the bettas and guppies act together. If you see the betta chasing the guppies a lot, it might mean they are not happy together. If this happens, you may need to think about moving them to different tanks.

Feed Them Properly

Make sure both guppies and bettas get the right kind of food and enough of it. Feeding them well helps prevent fights over food and keeps them healthy.

Regular Water Changes

Keeping the water clean is very important. Dirty water can make fish stressed and sick. Change some of the water regularly, usually about once a week, to keep it clean and safe for the fish.

By considering these points, you can help make sure that both guppies and bettas live happily and healthily together in the same tank.


Guppies and bettas can sometimes live together in the same tank, but you need to be careful. Make sure the tank is big, has lots of plants, and many places for the guppies to hide. Watch the fish closely to see how they get along. If the betta starts being mean to the guppies, you might need to put them in different tanks. With the right setup and careful watching, these fish can live together, but always be ready to help if there are problems.


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