Do Guppies Really Sleep? Understanding Your Fish’s Resting Patterns

Guppies are small and colorful fish that many people keep as pets in their aquariums. Just like humans, guppies need to rest and sleep. But how do they do it? Guppies do not have eyelids, so they cannot close their eyes. Instead, they sleep by becoming very still and quiet. They often find a safe spot near plants or decorations in the aquarium where they can hide and feel safe.

When guppies sleep, their bodies slow down, and they do not move much. This helps them save energy and stay healthy. It is important for guppies to have a dark and peaceful environment at night, just like we need a calm and dark room to sleep well.

Yes, guppies do sleep. Even though they don’t have eyelids to close their eyes, they rest by becoming very still. They often find a quiet, safe spot in the aquarium to sleep. During this time, their bodies slow down, and they don’t move much. It’s important to give them a dark and peaceful environment at night so they can rest properly.

How Do Guppies Sleep?

Guppies are small and colorful fish that many people have as pets. Just like people, guppies need to sleep to stay healthy and happy. But how do they sleep if they don’t have eyelids to close their eyes? Let’s find out!

sleeping guppy
Sleeping guppy

Finding a Safe Spot: When it’s time to sleep, guppies look for a quiet and safe place in the aquarium. They often hide near plants, rocks, or other decorations where they can feel protected from any danger.

Staying Still: Once they find a good spot, guppies become very still. They don’t swim around or move much. This helps them conserve energy and relax.

Slowing Down: During sleep, a guppy’s body slows down. Their breathing and movements become very gentle and slow. This is how they rest and regain their energy.

Dark and Quiet Environment: To help guppies sleep well, it’s important to turn off the aquarium lights at night. A dark and quiet environment makes it easier for them to sleep, just like it does for us.

No Eyelids: Remember, guppies do not have eyelids, so their eyes stay open even when they sleep. This might look a bit strange, but it’s perfectly normal for them.

By understanding how guppies sleep, we can make sure they get the rest they need. Providing a peaceful and safe aquarium environment helps our little fish friends stay healthy and active.

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guppy sleep
guppy dream

Do guppies move when they sleep?

No, guppies do not move much when they sleep. They become very still and quiet to rest and conserve energy. This helps them stay safe and healthy.

Why Is It Important for Guppies to Sleep?

Sleep is very important for guppies. It helps them recover energy and stay healthy. If guppies don’t get enough rest, they can become stressed and sick. Just like us, a good sleep helps them feel better and stay active.

How to Ensure Your Guppies Sleep Well

To make sure your guppies sleep well, you should:

  1. Provide a Dark Environment: Guppies need darkness to know it’s time to sleep. Turn off the tank light at night.
  2. Create Hiding Spots: Add plants or decorations where they can hide and feel safe.
  3. Keep the Tank Quiet: Avoid loud noises around the tank during their sleep time.

How Do You Know When a Guppy Is Sleeping?

Signs of a Sleeping Guppy

Guppies, like many other fish, have their own way of sleeping that can be different from what we might expect. Here are some signs to help you know when your guppy is sleeping:

1. Reduced Movement

One of the most obvious signs that a guppy is sleeping is a significant reduction in movement. While awake, guppies are usually active, swimming around the tank. When they sleep, they become very still, often remaining in one spot.

2. Position in the Tank

Sleeping guppies often rest at the bottom of the tank, on plants, or other decorations. They might also float near the surface or hide in corners or behind objects. This helps them feel secure and protected.

3. Dull Colors

A guppy’s vibrant colors may become duller when it is sleeping. This is because they lower their metabolic rate to conserve energy, which can affect their coloration temporarily.

4. Still Fins

When guppies sleep, their fins usually remain still or move very slowly. This is different from their usual active fin movements when they are awake and swimming around.

5. Lack of Response

If you gently tap the tank or turn on the light suddenly, a sleeping guppy might not respond right away. It may take a moment for them to wake up and start moving again.

Why Do Guppies Need Sleep?

Just like humans and other animals, sleep is crucial for guppies. It allows them to rest, conserve energy, and stay healthy. A well-rested guppy is more active, has better colors, and is less prone to stress and illness.

Creating a Good Sleep Environment for Your Guppies

To ensure your guppies get the rest they need, follow these tips:

  1. Provide Darkness: Turn off the aquarium lights at night to create a natural day-night cycle.
  2. Offer Hiding Places: Add plants, rocks, or decorations where guppies can hide and feel safe.
  3. Keep the Tank Quiet: Minimize noise and disturbances around the tank during their sleep time.


Guppies need sleep just like we do, even though they sleep in a different way. By creating a calm and dark environment for them at night, we can ensure they get the rest they need to stay healthy and active. Knowing how guppies sleep helps us be better caretakers and keeps our guppy friends happy and well-rested.

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